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Prattley 10′ Standard Yard


£8,495.00 ex. VAT

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Prattley’s standard mobile yard has a holding capacity of 250 ewes (approx) with its existing fence, and can be assembled, transported and operated with the greatest of ease.

Next Prattley system available November 2022

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  • PS01000UK Mobile Unit with Drop-in Gate, Drafting Gate, Winch, Drawbar, Gate Support Arms, Straps, Wheels
  • PS20500 – x20 Alloy Gate  (7’ x 36”)
  • PS22200 – x1 Diamond Gate
  • PS22400 – x2 Drop In Gate
  • PS21600 – Swing Back Gate 33”
  • PS23700 – L Post x 4
  • 16ft Drenching Race
  • Versatile – for on-the-spot animal treatment
  • Utilise natural terrain and sunlight for better stock flow
  • Maximizes Farm Management




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Weight500 kg