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Zermasect Sheep Pour On 5L

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A ready to use topical insecticidal solution for the control and treatment of blowfly strike, headfly on sheep and lambs and for the treatment of lice and ticks on sheep.

The product lasts from 8 to 10 weeks agaist blowfly strike and 12 weeks against ticks.

In the case of midges, in line with DEFRA recommendations, the product should be applied every 8 weeks.

It contains 12.5g/l Alphacypermethrin. Use On: Sheep and lambs. Do not treat lambs under one week old.

Do not treat sheep producing milk for human consumption. Standard Dosage: a) For blowfly, lice and ticks on sheep and lambs.

For sheep over 25 kg bodyweight administer 40ml.

For lambs below 25 kg bodyweight administer 25ml.

Do not treat lambs for lice and ticks. b) For headfly on sheep and lambs.

Administer 5 ml disregarding animals’ weight.


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