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Downland Breathrite Bucket 25kg

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Multiple factors interact to increase the risk of respiratory disease in calves and youngstock and as autumn leads into winter then respiratory problems in calves and youngstock become more prevalent, especially when animals are housed.

With figures from the Cattle Health and Welfare Group showing respiratory disease accounting for nearly 20% of calf deaths in the UK, and each case potentially costing up to £500, attention should be focussed on detecting and preventing this costly disease especially at this time of year.

The challenging weather conditions calves and youngstock face over the winter months can lead to increased growth of specific bacteria on the inside of the nose and upper respiratory tract and the more bacteria present, the more likely they can reach the lungs and lead to pneumonia.

Added to this, cold weather also thickens the mucus in the respiratory tract which impairs the hair-like cells that clear infectious bacteria from the lower airways to the throat in order to be coughed up. Offering a feed and mineral lick, such as Breathe Rite, offers nutritional supportive care to calves and youngstock at housing where they may be susceptible to respiratory disease.

As well as containing energy and high-quality protein to aid the response to potential infections, natural decongestants have also been included to help support healthy respiratory function during periods of stress.

How can Breathe Rite support youngstock health at housing?

  • Natural decongestants from plant extracts and essential oils to help support respiratory health.
  •  14.5% natural protein to help support growth and immunity.
  •  Energy dense to help support weight gains.
  •  Selenised yeast and high vitamin E to help optimise health and immunity.
  • Protected zinc and biotin to help support hoof health.


DOWNLAND BREATHRITE BUCKET 25KG Calcium % 6.5 Phosphorus P % 1 Magnesium % 1 Sodium % 2 Trace Elements Cobalt mg/kg 40 Iodine mg/kg 80 Copper mg/kg 500 Bioplex Copper Yes Zinc mg/kg 2,200 Bioplex Zinc Yes Manganese mg/kg 1,600 Selenium mg/kg 15 Sel-Plex Yes Vitamins Vitamin A iu/kg 80,000 Vitamin D3 iu/kg 16,000 Vitamin E iu/kg 1,000 Biotin mg/kg 5 Feed Components Oil % 8.5 Protein % 14.5 ME MJ/kg DM 12.5 Sugars % –

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Weight25 kg