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Zermex Cattle 100mg/ml LA Injection 50ml

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1 Qualitative And Quantitative Composition
Each ml contains
Active substance:
Moxidectin 100 mg
Benzyl Alcohol (1519) 70 mg
For the full list of excipients, see section 5.1
2 Pharmaceutical Form
Solution for injection.
Clear yellow liquid.
3 Clinical Particulars
3.1 Target Species
3.2 Indications for Use (Specifying the Target Species)
In cattle weighing from 100 to 500 kg bodyweight.
Treatment and prevention of mixed infestations by the following gastro-intestinal
nematodes, respiratory nematodes and certain arthropod parasites:
Adult and immature gastro-intestinal nematodes
• Haemonchus placei
• Haemonchus contortus
• Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited larvae)
• Trichostrongylus axei
• Trichostrongylus colubriformis
• Nematodirus helvetianus (adults only)
• Nematodirus spathiger
• Cooperia surnabada
• Cooperia oncophora
• Cooperia pectinata
• Cooperia punctata
• Oesophagostomum radiatum
• Bunostomum phlebotomum (adults only)
• Chabertia ovina (adults only)
• Trichuris spp. (adults only)
Adult and immature respiratory tract nematode
• Dictyocaulus viviparus
Warble grubs (migrating larvae)
• Hypoderma bovis
• Hypoderma lineatum
• Linognathus vituli
• Haematopinus eurysternus
• Solenopotes capillatus
• Bovicola bovis (aid in control)
Mange mites
• Sarcoptes scabction or re-infection with the following parasites for the period indicated:

Species Protection period (days)
Dictyocaulus viviparus 120
Ostertagia ostertagi 120
Haemonchus placei 90
Oesophagostomum radiatum 150
Trichostrongylus axei 90
Linognathus vituli 133
The product is effective against Hypoderma larvae at the time of treatment but its
persistent activity against Hypoderma has not been evaluated.
If the product is given before the end of the fly season complimentary treatment
with a product effective against Hypoderma may be required.
Persistent efficacy periods have not been established for parasite species other
than those included in the above list. Therefore re-infection of animals on pasture
contaminated by parasites other than these remains possible before the end of the
90 day minimum persistency period demonstrated for specific species.
3.3 Contraindications
Do not use in animals less than 100 kg bodyweight or greater than 500 kg.
Do not inject the product by intravascular route. Intravascular injection may
result in ataxia, paralysis, convulsions, collapse and death. To prevent any
intravascular injection, carefully follow the administration procedure described
in item “Amounts to be administered and administration route”.


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