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Winergy Condition 20kg


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WINERGY Equilibrium Condition is the latest of our nutritional breakthroughs and the first conditioning feed scientifically proven to not only improve condition safely but also support muscle function, promote positive behaviour and maximise digestive health. Traditional conditioning feeds are high in cereals and subsequently high in starch and sugar. While these ingredients can produce quick results, they may also contribute to conditions ranging from excitable behaviour and loose droppings to ERS, gastric ulcers and laminitis. WINERGY Equilibrium Condition sources its energy mainly from fibre and oil with carefully controlled levels of starch. In a recent study supplying 10% extra energy as oil was shown to be twice as efficient at improving weight gain as cereals, without any associated behavioural problems. Supporting muscle function All horses rely on healthy muscles to build condition and top line. The strain of training and competing combined with inappropriate nutritional management can contribute to muscular disorders such as tying up (ERS). Although we know ERS is multi-factorial, one potential trigger which can be controlled relatively easily is your horse’s diet. By providing energy from a blend of fibre and oil, WINERGY Equilibrium Condition is able to reduce the reliance on cereal starch as an energy source and provides the ideal nutritional solution for horses prone to muscular problems. In fact at a recent conference in the US it was suggested that for horses prone to muscle problems, less than 20% of daily energy intake should be supplied by starch and at least 15% should come from oil – WINERGY Equilibrium® Condition meets these requirements. Promoting positive behaviour Attitude and temperament are important aspects of a rewarding partnership with your horse and behaviour can clearly be affected by diet. Cereals, the traditional source of energy in a conditioning feed, may well contribute to ‘fizzy’ behaviour and are often described as heating. WINERGY Equilibrium Condition is a fibre based ‘non-heating’ feed; carefully controlled levels of starch, oil and highly digestible fibres are used to provide the additional calories required. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that 96% of horses given 10% extra energy via oil showed no changes in ridden behaviour and were possibly less likely to react to situations.

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