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Vetericyn Super 7+ Spray 500ml


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Super 7+

Vetericyn Super 7 plus is a solution for drying out the umbilical cord of newborn animals. It dries out the umbilical cord quickly and contains ingredients that are safe for animal, environment and the person applying the product. It is a coloured solution, so you can see which animals you have treated already. Super 7+ is available as a spray and as navel dip.

Key features

  • For drying out and protecting the umbilical cord
  • For newborn animals
  • Fast drying time
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-aggressive
  • Safe for the environment
  • Alternative for strong iodine
  • Long shelf-life
  • Can be used for animals with a torn umbilical cord


It is recommended to wear gloves and shake well before use. You can use the spray to spray the navel, or you put the liquid in a dip cup and dip the umbilical cord in this. Super 7+ can be used on cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, goats and dogs. Do not use his product on animals that will be slaughtered within 72 hours.

Navel Spray: spray the umbilical cord up to the area of the navel. Do this while the navel is still wet, within 30 minutes after birth. If the umbilical cord and the area around it are very dirty, repeat the treatment until everything is clean and covered with Super 7+. You can repeat this treatment after 12 hours.

Navel Dip: fill a dip cup with Super 7+. Then place the umbilical cord in the solution. Treat one navel per solution dose, this to speed up the drying time. If the umbilical cord is very dirty, you first dip this clean in a separate dip cup. Use each dip cup only once to prevent cross-contamination with undesired micro-organisms.

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