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Elanco Optiline Drench Gun


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OPTILINE™ is unlike any product on the market.

It is the only drencher created with both operator ergonomics and animal welfare in mind. It is not a modification of an existing drencher but an entirely different approach that required Simcro to think “outside the box”.

The Ergonomic design of the OPTILINE™ drencher enables the operator to drench more animals per hour with less operator stress and fatigue compared with current drenching equipment.

Dosing technique – Optiline drencher

Use the specially developed Optiline drencher when drenching animals with Zolvix for speed, safety and accuracy.

How to use

1. Hold OPTILINE drencher with a relaxed wrist.

2. Drench from behind the animals, with them facing the same direction as you.
3. Raise animal’s jaw with your spare hand until parallel to the ground. (Not too high, this can interfere with swallowing sending drench into the lungs).
4. The OPTILINE nozzle and mouth guard’s innovative design delivers drench correctly – over the back of the tongue into the rumen. The mouth guard stops the nozzle being inserted too far and damaging the mouth and throat.

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