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UFAC Megabeef 25kg

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Megabeef is a unique blend of specially selected oils, processed onto carrier materials to facilitate slow release in the digestive tract to enhance digestion and absorption.

The product is a friable meal with excellent handling properties, dust free, extremely palatable and readily acceptable to livestock of all ages.

Megabeef is FEMAS quality-assured and all materials are fully traceable. Oil % 50.0 Protein % 4.0 Fibre % 26.5 Ash % 3.5 Dry Matter % 94.0 Ruminant ME (MJ/kg) 27 Megajule has been designed to be fed to both ruminants and monogastrics.

The unique formulation comprises a blend of oils, giving optimal fatty-acid profile and a synergistic effect that maximises energy supply to the animal.

When fed to ruminants the matrix protection of Megabeef ensures minimal impact on the rumen environment

Dairy cows 500 – 750g Beef 500 – 750g Sheep 50 – 150g Youngstock 200 – 450g

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Weight20 kg