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Premadex Cattle Pour On 5L

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Description: Premadex 0.5% Pour On is a solution aimed to treat and control parasites such as gastrointestinal lungworms, roundworms, eyeworms, warbles, mange mite (chorpioptic and sarcoptic), horn fly and lice for cattle.

It contains 0.5 % w/v Ivermectin.

Use On: Cattle. Do not use in dairy cows, during lactation or the dry period, and in beef cows during the lactation period when milk is intended for human consumption.

Do not use in pregnant dairy heifers within 60 days prior to calving.

Standard Dosage: Premadex 10% should be applied along the mid-line of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and tailhead.

Apply at the rate of 1ml Premadex 0.5% Pour On per 10 kg bodyweight.

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