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Staples Barbed 4mm 20kg


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Doubled barbed wire fencing staples are used to hold the woven wire fence to wooden fence posts. The double barbed design for superior holding ability, and ensure that they won’t pull out of the wood posts. So, the barbed fence staples is perfect for solving the trouble of loosening wires in your wire fence by increasing the grip in the wood posts or frames. Our double barbed lock staples are made of class 3 galvanized steel wire for long lasting durability and corrosion resistant. Feature: Heavy-duty steel wire, Class 3 galvanization for greater protection against rust and corrosion Extremely sharp points for easy driving Double barbed to give better holding power in the wood. Size: Made from heavy duty galvanized wire – class 3 galvanised, or Zinc/aluminum coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminum).

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