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Nimrod Red Calf Syringes 6 X 15.6g


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The survival rate of calves born in difficult calvings is less than 50%. The major reason for deaths amongst these calves are apnoea, caused by abnormal head and body position in the birth canal, and hypoglycaemia, caused by asphyxia. Nimrod Red Calf contains ingredients which address these problems. The latest formulation also provides a high dose of selenium, to increase the absorption of immunoglobulin G from colostrum by stimulating pinocytosis. Inadequate absorption of immunoglobulins from colostrum has been shown to be associated with a higher mortality rate throughout the first six months of life, and with a lower first-lactation milk yield in dairy replacement heifers. Invigorating energy booster for newborn calves, recommended particularly for weak calves delivered in difficult calvings or by Caesarian section. One tube contains: Caffeine rich extracts of Kola & guarana medium chain fatty acids glucose 3.0mg selenium

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