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Nettex Calf Kick Start 8 Dose


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Calf Kick Start A rapid energy boost for weak, small and unthrifty calves. When calves are struggling give them a boost with Calf Kick Start. Calf Kick Start is a source of energy and nutrients for unthrifty, sick and scouring calves. Calf Kick Start is ideal for weak newborns struggling to stand. Ideal for use in newborn calves through to 3 months old. Calves that don’t stand and suckle (dam or bottle) soon after birth are at risk Easy to administer Calf Kick Start helps get calves up and suckling vigorously, quickly Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals Downland Calf Colostrum can be used either when insufficient natural bovine colostrum is received from the mother, or as a replacement for natural colostrum entirely. Why is Colostrum Important? It provides the new born calf with a rich energy source to allow them to maintain homeostasis and survive. It provides the calf with maternally derived antibodies that help fight off infections while the calf builds its own, stable immune system .

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