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IAE Stand In Footbath Complete



The IAE stand in sheep footbath is ideal for the use of zinc sulphate solution, allowing the animals to stand in for the necessary time required for the solution to penetrate the hooves. Copper sulphate is very corrosive so will damage a steel trough and should be avoided.

Our type of footbath allows for a large number of sheep to have their feet bathed at once and for the correct stand-in time. There is a wide guillotine gate to quickly get the animals into the footbath area itself and a swing gate exit. The side hurdles then couple together to the front and back to enclose the animals into the correct place.

The whole system can be dismantled and is able to be stored flat-packed, taking up little room. Solution should be cleaned from the footbath when not in use to prolong the useful life of the product.

  • Easy entrance/exit
  • Correct stand-in times
  • Large numbers of animals at once