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IAE Portable Rotex Cattle Handling System


AE Rotex® Portable Cattle Handling System is an easy and superbly convenient way of handling cattle. Semi-circular crowding/forcing areas encompass the most modern ideas and theories in animal welfare and operative safety. The Rotex® system is extremely portable, quickly assembled, and safe whilst on the move due to the bespoke transport crate. FEATURES Gates and hurdles in race section have open space for increased animal visibility 5000mm nominal diameter forcing area Fully clad outer radius hurdles (clad with stockboard) Special lever operated bolt with noise reducing rubber buffers UNIQUE continuous central locking ratchet plates allow continuous forcing around the system with no interruptions at panel joins, yet still retain the ‘non-return’ safety feature Ratchet strap for transporting supplied Supplied in its own bespoke crate Crate has 3 point linkage and pallet fork lifting points COMPRISES OF 1 x forcing gate with special lever operated bolt with noise reduction buffers and viewing gap 3 x radius panels with central locking ratchet plates 1 x frame with exit gate 3 x support arches 2 x 2400mm hurdles with viewing gaps 13 x coupling rods 1 x purpose built crate for easy storage and handling with 3 point linkage and pallet fork lifting points Full step by step assembly instructions are supplied. Rotex® is supplied on a crate with items ready to erect in sequence. No need to unload first.

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Weight2000 kg