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Horner Rambo Quick Draw Battery Pack Shearer


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A portable sheep shearing / dagging machine. Easy to use for all year round jobs, as well as for shearing and dagging.

Also for winter cattle clipping, and pre-slaughter. The handpiece sits in a holster when not being used, giving hands-free when for catching a sheep etc.

A quick release cable is attached to a 24v battery, which is worn on the belt. Slim and easy to hold, like a normal handpiece.

Shear continuously for up to 2 hours. Battery charges completely in under 3 hours.

Comes with everything you need: Shearing machine 1 x 24v battery pack 1 x Battery charger (universal voltage – use worldwide)

Leather belt Leather holster to hold the handpiece Leather box to hold battery 2 Longhorn combs and 4 Longhorn cutters Strong storage case Screwdriver and oil bottle Kitbag to store and transport everything together

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