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Golden Hoof Plus 20kg


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Golden Hoof is the UK’s leading veterinary licenced zinc sulphate footbath, fully tested in extensive field trials for proven efficacy. Each batch is tested for compliance with specification for your guarantee of quality and effectiveness.

Golden Hoof is now licenced to contain zinc hexahydrate, the best and most efficient zinc preparation with considerably improved zinc content.

Lethal to footrot bacteria, Golden Hoof penetrates ovine hoof horn more readily than other anti-bacteria agents.

Unlike formaldehyde preparations which kill living tissue and cause hardening and subsequent cracking, zinc sulphate is a healing agent promoting the growth of new healthy tissue.

Golden Hoof Plus contains the original zinc sulphate preparation which has been enhanced by the addition of a surfactant to increase penetration into the hoof and an activating agent to give easier mixing.

– It is a safe material to use.
– It does not produce unpleasant fumes which can irritate both sheep and handlers so can be used in enclosed spaces.
– It is a painless treatment which, in combination with lack of fumes, makes possible the opportunity to stand infected animals for long periods (if required) in solution without discomfort.
– Ewes and young lambs can be treated together without separation.
– The solution has low toxicity and at 10% dilution is unpalatable to sheep.
– Splashing on the fleece with Golden Hoof has negligible effects on subsequent wool processing.
– The material does not break down chemically after prolonged storage nor at extreme temperatures.
– Easier to mix.
– Highly penetrative.
– Does not cake in the bag or bucket.
– The antibacterial action of Golden Hoof in footbaths is not materially affected by contamination with urine or faeces and solutions of Golden Hoof are reusable.

What are the risks?

We know farming comes with inherent risks, but as a farmer you have a duty of care to your staff to provide a safe and suitable working environment. Of course it is usually not just staff who are on your family farm, so you also need to consider the potential risks if children and family are around. Not to mention the sheep themselves. If they could speak, your flock would tell you of the painful stinging sensation that formaldehyde has on any sensitive tissue.

So isn’t it time to make a safer choice for yourself, your staff, your family and your flock?

That said, choosing an alternative also comes with risks. Footrot is an extremely painful, highly contagious disease with serious animal welfare implications if not treated quickly and effectively. Not to mention the risk of avoidable vet’s bills, which nobody welcomes. So choosing an alternative to formaldehyde should not be taken lightly, and going for the cheap and cheerful option may ultimately prove to be the costliest approach.

What’s the alternative?

Copper or zinc sulphate are popular alternatives, but is there much to choose between them and how do you know which of the many products available will work for your flock?

Copper sulphate is well known in footbaths but has no proven, licensed products in the UK. What research there is seems to be flawed, leaving the efficacy unproven. By comparison, the antiseptic action of zinc sulphate has a long history of being well researched, with a number of studies to support its use. One study, in particular, found bathing in a zinc sulphate and surfactant blend to be just as effective against footrot as formalin, with no noticeable difference between results from the two treatments. Unlike copper sulphate, zinc is used in UK licensed products which have had to prove their effectiveness before a license could be granted.

However, one thing we do know is that zinc is poorly absorbed across the skin and hoof – so is zinc alone the best approach? For optimum efficacy it’s important we ensure the action of the zinc is maximised where it’s needed most. For this reason Golden Hoof Plus*, a high strength zinc sulphate compound, includes crucial excipients that work as a vehicle for the active ingredient, ensuring efficacy on the hoof. Golden Hoof Plus is the only licensed, veterinary-authorised zinc blend with proven efficacy for the control and healing of footrot and footscald in your flock.

Of course efficacy is all very well, but if it’s going to be a hassle to use, it’s just one more challenge that you don’t need. Golden Hoof Plus is formulated to be easy to mix, and certainly the feedback from farmers would seem that those using Golden Hoof definitely agree. Golden Hoof Plus powder mixes easily with water into solution, and treatment times start at just a couple of minutes standing in the footbath with a fast dry (min. 15 mins) on hard standing before returning to grass.

Last but not least, for the modern farming business Golden Hoof Plus is also a cost effective alternative. With a pack price a fraction of the cost of some of its zinc or copper competitors, Golden Hoof Plus is the ideal starting point when making the change from formalin.

Golden Hoof Plus has proven efficacy, is easy to use and represents excellent value for money. With no withdrawal periods for either meat or milk, and having hoof hardening properties Golden Hoof Plus is the ideal choice to replace formaldehyde on your farm.


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