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Downland Long Stay Seed 20kg


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A typical permanent mixture for Scotland and Northern England containing a broad spectrum of species and providing for early bite for ewes and lambs which is often very important in situations where this type of mix is used. Specially formulated for a high NDF content and top quality high D-value forage incorporating five TRIPLE CROWN varieties included for their forage quality , persistency and high yields under both cutting and grazing. Improved for 2012 with the inclusion of the new variety Solomon which is very high yielding under cutting with very good first cut yield. Solomon also grazes very well producing high yields from a very dense sward with excellent early and late season growth. Good early spring growth to provide early bite for ewes and lambs. Very dense, persistent and winter hardy varieties for longevity of the sward. Good mid and late season forage quality ideal for summer and autumn grazing. 10% Timothy content for early bite, palatability and bulk including Dolina, the highest yielding Timothy on the both the SAC and NIAB Recommended Lists. Formulated with clover varieties specially selected for yield and persistency in a permanent situation including Avoca simply the best white clover variety available today. 2.0 Solomon Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.0 Calvano 1 Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.5 Godali 1 Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 1.5 Cancan Late Perennial Diploid 1.5 Pastour Late Perennial Diploid 1.5 Romark Late Perennial Tetraploid 1.5 Maurice Late Perennial Tetraploid 0.75 Promesse Timothy 0.75 Dolina Timothy 1.0 Downland Grazing Clover Blend White Clover 15.0kg

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