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Downland Forager Seed 20kg


VAT Exempt

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A 4 to 6 year high yielding intensive cutting mix with potential for excellent aftermath grazing, intended for fields which will be predominantly cut. Specially formulated for high sugar and top quality forage incorporating the TRIPLE CROWN variety Pastour included for its forage quality and very high yields under both cutting and grazing. Contains a high proportion of the new variety Solomon which is very high yielding under cutting with very good first cut yield. Solomon also produces a very dense sward and has excellent early and late season growth. Contains varieties specially selected for their high conservation yields on UK Recommended Lists Specially formulated for 2 to 3 cuts of high D-value silage followed by aftermath grazing. High Tetraploid content at 57% provides high sugar levels for rapid silage fermentation and excellent grazing palatability. Excellent forage quality and mid-season D-value. Good spring growth with later heading allows flexibility of cutting date for the required combination of yield and forage quality. Excellent Crown Rust resistance from the inclusion of Polim which has one of the highest ratings for Crown Rust resistance on the NIAB Recommended List. 3.5 Solomon Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.0 Catabi1 Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 3.0 Magician Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 2.5 Pastour Late Perennial Diploid 3.0 Polim Late Perennial Tetraploid 14.0kg

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