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Rid your horse of nasty parasites and flies with Deosect Fly and Lice Control.

This tropical spray is effective at managing pesky flies and lice in horses. Must be diluted with water before use.

For effective results, the solution should be applied at the onset of fly season and repeated monthly thereafter. For severe head and face fly control, the treatment should be applied every fortnight.

To treat lice, apply solution when lice are spotted and repeat as necessary for at least 14 days.

A straw coloured or pale yellow emulsifiable concentrate, containing 5% w/v cypermethrin.

A residual insecticide for the control of flies and lice on horses and ponies.

Dosage and Administration: Deosect spray must be diluted with water to make a solution just before use.

A knapsack or hand sprayer or a sponge may be used to apply the solution. For the best results the solution should be used within 24 hours.

Dilution rate: One litre (2 pints) of Deosect spray concentrate should be diluted with 50 litres (11 gallons) of water.

Alternatively, the following table may be used: 10 ml Deosect – 500 ml Water 20 ml Deosect – 1 litre Water 100 ml Deosect – 5 litres Water 200 ml Deosect – 10 litres Water Horses – 500 ml of diluted solution per animal Ponies – 125 ml of diluted solution per animal.


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