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Clingseal Clamp Film 11 X 50m

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Cut winter costs by reducing top and shoulder waste Designed for use with a conventional, high quality silage sheet such as Visqueen Agrisheet, Visqueen Clingseal is a new, flexible clamp film that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheeting. It is applied to the silage clamp before the application of the uppermost silage sheeting and any weights. Being thinner and therefore more flexible than standard silage sheets it ‘clings’ closely to the contours of the clamp surface and ‘tucks-in’ more at the sides. As such it helps eliminate air pockets and provides a close fitting air barrier to significantly reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage. It also provides an additional oxygen barrier. New generation clamp sheet to complement conventional silage sheeting: Thinner and more flexible – clings to the surface of the clamp Reduces air pockets to enhance the effectiveness of conventional sheeting A more effective air seal aids quicker fermentation of silage Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp – greater returns on the forage harvest A better air seal makes for better silage quality – better silage means better returns on live-weight gain and milk yield Suitable for a variety of crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain Ideal for moist crops with a greater potential for spoilage Typically, forage consists of anything between 40 and 80% of the diet in most dairy and beef production (intensive beef finishing aside). So when you consider that feed as a whole represents a significant element of cost in such systems, it becomes very clear that maximising forage quality and minimising waste are critical in terms of reducing costs and ensuring livestock are presented with a feed which will stimulate intake and be efficiently converted into meat or milk. Visqueen Clingseal is a new generation clamp sheet that sits directly beneath the traditional black silage sheet. Compared with conventional sheeting, Visqueen Clingseal is a thin, flexible low permeability film. It is specially designed to closely follow and cling to the clamp surface where it prevents pockets of trapped air forming tosignificantly reduce aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders. Because it provides an effective air seal and creates the right anaerobic conditions, it also facilitates a faster, more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality. Using Visqueen Clingseal during the clamping process is especially beneficial when ensiling moist feeds like brewers’ grains and crimped maize which are not only higher value crops, but are also more susceptible to wastage. Quite simply, using this new type of film will help you to produce better quality silage with less waste. Although Visqueen Clingseal is thin and flexible enough to mould itself to the clamp surface, thanks to the polymer science and modern manufacturing techniques employed in its production, it is tough enough to be handled robustly and can withstand being walked upon whilst it is being laid. Visqueen Clingseal clings more closely to the contours of the clamp’s surface and tucks in better at the sides. The net result is a closer fitting air barrier with fewer air pockets that can lead to aerobic spoilage.

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