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Biolink Biomist 5l


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BioMist BioMist is a concentrated blend of gluteraldehyde with surfactant, a broad-spectrum fumigant that kills bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma, and inactivates viruses. BioMist has low odour, which can help reduce turn-around time and is non- corrosive. It is stable when diluted and works effectively in both hard and soft water. It is tolerant of organic matter. • Soluble for increased cost effectiveness • Can be used post-setup • Low odour • Reduces turnaround time Recommended Dilution Rate:FO BioMist can be used either pre or post set up of house. Apply via a thermal fogger at the rate of 20 litres per 1,000 m2 (10,000 ft2) floor area. General purpose application: 1:4.

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