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Downland Total Farm Disinfectant 5L

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An iodophor disinfectant that quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Active in the presence of organic matter.

Concentrated DEFRA approved formulation.

Cleans and disinfects in one operation.


Can be used as a disinfectant & detergent sanitiser in all types of housing, e.g. poultry sheds, calf housing, piggeries, dairies, stables, kennels, catteries, fish farms, veterinary surgeries, abattoirs,cattle markets and animal transporters .

HOW TO USE GENERAL SANITISING: Adjust dilution to suit soil level and/or disease history of livestock housing i.e. between 1 part to between 125 and 600 parts of water. May also be used to treat buckets, cages, hatchery trays, drinkers, crates and other non-porous surfaces.

WHEEL AND FOOT BATHS: To help prevent the spread of disease, dilute 1:180 with water & renew daily if heavily soiled.

AERIAL DISINFECTION: Apply at a suitable rate through a mist generator.

DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS: Used as a sanitising aid, dilute one part FAM 30 with 2,500 parts of water.

DISEASE CONTROL ORDERS: Ministry approved against Foot & Mouth disease orders at 1:550, Swine Vesicular disease orders at 1:600, disease of Poultry orders at 1:125, Tuberculosis orders at 1:20 & for general orders at 1:180. Effective if used against Aujeszky’s Disease or Rabies at a dilution rate of 1:125 with water. For use against Blue Ear Pig – Disease, dilute 1:180 with water.

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