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Wydale Molasses Lick Feeder


£366.50 ex. VAT


Feeding molasses to your stock is a tried and proven way of adding nutrients and encouraging forage intake but getting it into them has sometimes been difficult. This feeder meets the farmers main requirements.

The central pivot hook enables the feeder to be carried under a buckrake or loader without spilling.

Made out of the same tried and tested polyethylene used in Wydale’s best selling calf feeders it incorporates internal stainless steel rods to prevent crushing by cattle.


-Capacity – 250 litres; enough to supply 50/60 cattle or 200 sheep
-Built in lifting hook for easy transportation
-Timber sub-frame skid minimises wear
-Easily cleaned
-large 4″ screw filler cap


Height (mm) – Excluding Lid
330 (550mm to top of lifting frame)