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UFAC Galaxy 25kg

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Feeding Galaxy is primarily designed for feeding to dairy cows, for incorporation into mixed diets and blends. It can also be top-dressed onto silage and other forages. The recommended feeding period is for 21 days before calving and for 100 days after calving. Typical daily feed rates are as follows; Dairy cows 500 – 750 grammes Presentation A light brown meal, oily to the touch. Galaxy is friable and free flowing, and mixes extremely well into blends, feeds and TMR mixes. Available in 25kg bags, packed 50 to a pallet (1.25 tonnes) or 1 tonne tote bags Analysis Oil % 40.0 Protein % 5.0 Fibre % 15.0 Ash % 8.0 ME (MJ/kg) 25.5 Selenium (mg/kg) 0.45 Vitamin E (i.u./kg) 1,000 Choline (mg/kg) 10,000 Dry Matter % 91.0

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Weight25 kg