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Tom Chambers Flick And Click Suet Feeder


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  • Tom Chambers Flick ‘n’ Click Suet Pellet Feeder is a well-designed bird feeder that’s easy and convenient to use
  • It features a flick top lid that flicks back to enable easy filling with high energy suet pellets, and then closes tightly to keep the pellets dry
  • The base removes completely so that cleaning is not fiddly
  • A strong mesh tube holds the suet pellets securely and gives the birds something to grip onto
  • Simply fill with suet pellets or suet treats and hang from a branch, hook, bird table or bird station to encourage a wide variety of wild garden birds to pay regular visits to your garden

What you need to know:

  • Flick top lid, flicks back to enable easy filling
  • Clicks shut easily
  • Strong mesh tube
  • Holds suet pellets
  • Base removes for easy cleaning

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