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Super Scoop Mounting Bracket


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The NEW SuperScoop® design incorporates a few changes to improve all round usefulness, access and to improve strength at the same time. The unit now functions more effectively for all types of breeds by being slightly smaller on the edges where the animals eyes are, and when they have lateral head movement when the scoop is engaged, there is far less instance of ear tags being removed due to the new shape. Particular improvement has been noticed in testing on smaller breeds or younger animals. Where the previous design disal- lowed access to ear tags and could potentially allow the animal to rub them out of their ear, this has been greatly reduced now. Larger breeds in testing had exactly the same amount of hold in place, as the operation of the SuperScoop® is to lift the chin of the animal vertically, so the change in profile has no effect on the breeds where the ear tag and eye access was not a problem. Due to the changes made to the profile we were able to greatly improve the thickness of the plastic material used in making the head mould, so even though there is a reduction in size, the increase in material and the new shape makes this a much stronger product overall. We are sure you’ll enjoy your NEW IAE SuperScoop® and be confident that the design is the leading one in the market with the greatest strength and accessibility. Features include Restricts the side to side movement of the animals head Provides increased safety for the animal and the operator Takes the strain out of tasks such as dosing and ear tagging Keeps the head up so reducing the risk of the animal choking helps prevent animal collapsing May need some self assembly

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