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Rumenco Lifeline Ewe & Lamb 22.5kg

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RUMENCO LIFELINE EWE & LAMB 22.5KG LifeLine Lamb and Ewe is the only pre-lambing product formulated for both the ewe and the lamb. Trials at SAC showed a 25% increase in IgG levels. IgG is the antibody that infers passive immunity from the ewe to her lambs. LifeLine- Boosts colostrum quality, Improves Vitamin and Mineral status of both ewe and lamb, Promotes easier lambing and vigorous healthy lambs. Protein % 12 Urea % 0 ME MJ/kg DM 13 Sugars % 21 Oil % 11.5 Calcium % 6 Magnesium % 1.5 Sodium % 1 Selenium mg/kg 5 Cobalt mg/kg 25 Iodine mg/kg 10 Manganese mg/kg 750 Zinc mg/kg* 750 Vitamin A iu/kg 75,000 Vitamin D3 iu/kg 15,000 Vitamin E iu/kg 1000

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Weight22.5 kg