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Ritchie Grassland Aerator 3M


Benefits of Aeration
Independent studies have shown a marked increase in the performance of grass production on fields that have been regularly aerated. The aerator perforates the top 100 mm of the soil structure allowing water, air and nutrients to the roots, the process also tears existing root structures to generate new growth, alleviates compaction and improves water drainage.
The best times to aerate are early in the season, prior to grass starting to grow and after the last silage cut of the year.
Main benefits
  • Relieves compaction
  • Better drainage of water into soil structure
  • Improves grass production
Main features
  • Category 2 three point linkage
  • Adjustable solid shaft which incorporates double flange fitting for the blades
  • Boron steel blades 12 mm thick x 260 mm long
  • Low maintenance / low horse power required
  • Incorporated weight tray fitted
  • Self aligning bearings fitted with shaft locks
Width 860 / 8633,130mm
Weight 860 / 863475kg
Extra Information
No. Blades 860 / 86354




Additional information

Weight100 kg