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Provita Hoofsure Endurance 5L


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Hoofsure Endurance is a concentrated prepartion , combining organic acids and tea tree oil for use in maintaining hoof condition in cattle and sheep. Features A blend of 3 organic acids which combine to ensure a solution that has a potent antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil a natural oil that provides antibacterial and anti-fungal activity even after the solution has dried on the hoof. Wetting agents ensure the active ingredients can penetrate the hoof area and aid performance. Uses Hoofsure Endurance should be used in a 1% soultion as part of regular hoof maintenance program. In higher concentrations it can be also used to improve hoof condition as part of the trimming routine. Hoofsure Endurance is a biodegradable solution that can easily be disposed of by flushing into the slurry lagoon or on landfill.

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