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Kamar Heat Detectors Pk Of 25


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Management of the breeding cycle in a dairy herd is essential to get the best returns from livestock during their lifetime. Missing a cow in heat costs as much as £4.60 per day, according to research by the Scottish Agricultural College, reducing the profitability of a herd. Standing heat behaviour is the most reliable indication of a cow in heat, but with 70% of cows showing first signs of heat during the night, many night heats can be missed. KAMAR Heatmount Detectors work 24 hours a day and their unique pressure sensitive design mean they are activated only by standing heat behaviour, not false mounting. KAMAR Heatmount Detectors give a clear indication of a cow in heat by turning bright red, clearly visible even from a distance. Richard Mann of Penzance, Cornwall has used KAMAR to help manage his parents’ herd, tightening the breeding cycle and reducing the herds calving index from over 400 days to 370. Richard commented, “I have a system for detecting heat in my herd which uses a spreadsheet and KAMAR heat detectors to predict and monitor oestrus cycles. “By plotting each cow’s cycle on a spreadsheet I know when they are due to come on heat and then I routinely apply a Kamar on the second or third cycle, one week before. “KAMAR is very reliable and offers a very efficient way to pick out cows that are bulling. KAMAR turns a clear red colour, which is easy to pick out in the parlour or yard.” KAMAR Heatmount Detectors provide the accurate and reliable heat detection needed for a profitable breeding programme. Identifying cows in heat increases conception rates, reduces calving intervals and lowers insemination costs, all of which has a positive impact on herd profitability. Kamar Heatmount Detectors Cut the costs of missed heats Stay firmly glued to the cow Identify night heats Highly visible Reliable even in extreme weather Increase herd profitability Kamar Heatmount Detectors come with comprehensive instructions for use, where to place the detector, how best to attach the detector etc. A wide range of extra help and advice from existing users is available on the KAMAR website www.kamarinc.com.

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