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Kamar Heat Detectors Pk Of 25


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Management of the breeding cycle in a dairy herd is essential to get the best returns from livestock during their lifetime. Missing a cow in heat costs as much as £4.60 per day, according to research by the Scottish Agricultural College, reducing the profitability of a herd. Standing heat behaviour is the most reliable indication of a cow in heat, but with 70% of cows showing first signs of heat during the night, many night heats can be missed. KAMAR Heatmount Detectors work 24 hours a day and their unique pressure sensitive design mean they are activated only by standing heat behaviour, not false mounting. KAMAR Heatmount Detectors give a clear indication of a cow in heat by turning bright red, clearly visible even from a distance. Richard Mann of Penzance, Cornwall has used KAMAR to help manage his par