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Hotmax Heat Logs


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HOTMAX heat logs are a great recycling story. We make them from the thousands of tonnes of dust and particles we extract each year from BEDMAX Shavings, our best-selling, purpose made horse bedding.

During our BEDMAX production process we cut our shavings from fresh pine timber, dry them to a low moisture content and screen & vacuum out virtually all the dust.

All this extracted dust is pre-dried, so we simply extrude it under pressure (but with minimal energy) into densely compact, pure wood heat logs, bound together by the natural lignin inherent in the wood.

This means HOTMAX is completely natural and fully traceable, and we believe it makes it one of the most carbon-efficient, environmentally friendly fuels you can buy.

No Resin Build-up

Wet or damp firewood has a low calorific content and tends to burn at a temperature that is too low to combust its resin content.

Instead, the resin will evaporate, and then condense and solidify in the colder environment of the flue or chimney. HOTMAX fuel logs generate high levels of heat that burn off any resins or other natural residues, so HOTMAX will not cause the accretion of resin or tar in flues and chimneys.

HOTMAX are delighted to announce their recent accreditation by Woodsure for their fuel-efficient heat logs, being classed as ‘Ready to Burn’ in a scheme that affirms the material meets sustainability criteria. This important accreditation credits HOTMAX heat logs which has a moisture content of 6-10% moisture, as a fuel that produces a reduced environmental impact in contrast to unseasoned wood logs. 

This accreditation is only given to assured quality woodfuels that meet a DEFRA endorsed criteria of increased efficiency, more environmentally friendly, whilst also being better heat generators. Ready to Burn, logs are certified as containing no more than 20% moisture, which means less smoke, less carbon monoxide and therefore less pollution. 

Consistent Quality

The quality and energy value of coal and firewood vary widely. HOTMAX offers consistent quality and performance midway between high quality coal and good, seasoned hardwood.


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