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Halleys Justgrass Blox 12kg


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Halley’s JUSTGRASS high fibre blox – the goodness of grass all year round High fibre Justgrass Blox are an affordable way to help your horses and ponies stay happy and healthy all year round. Each block of top-quality forage weighs 1 kg, making it easy for you to feed a consistent amount of fibre daily. Dust-extracted Justgrass Blox offer many advantages. For example, they: • Contain all the valuable nutrients of fresh grass • Are great for accustomising livestock prior to turnout • Provide the goodness of grass all year round • Help prevent crib-biting by giving stabled horses something nutritious to gnaw Justgrass® Blox are extremely versatile – you can feed them in a hay bar, bucket or trough in the stable, or outside in a bucket or trough – or on the ground. Alternatively, if one of your horses prefers to eat dried grass in chop form, you can simply soak a block in 5 litres of water for a few hours before feeding.

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Weight12 kg