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Epsom Salt 1kg


VAT Exempt


Epsom Salts has many agricultural uses and can provide many therapeutic remedies for livestock.

Cattle – Magnesium Sulphate is a palatable and useful supplementary source of Magnesium which will generally be beneficial to the pre-calving cow.

Typical feed rates are 50 – 100 gms/head/day but this will vary according to the overall diet. Over feeding of anionic salts can result in toxicity. Introduce 2 -3 weeks prior to calving (not before). Best results are obtained when used in conjunction with a zero calcium dry cow mineral, but ensure that a high calcium dairy mineral is fed immediately upon calving.

Horses – Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function, and horses deficient in this important element can show signs of nervousness, wariness, excitability, and muscle tremors. This gives magnesium its reputation for having a calming influence on equines.