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Downland Protein Plus Seed 20kg

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A short term intensive cutting mixture with a high proportion of Red Clover designed to increase both silage yields and protein levels.

Specially formulated with 25% Red Clover for high protein silage.

Grass component is 100% Hybrid and Advanced Italian Ryegrass for their massive yield potential and their ability to compete and survive in a sward containing a high proportion of Red Clover.

Varieties selected on the basis of their conservation yields on UK Recommended Lists.

Includes the new Advanced Italian Ryegrass Perun, an excellent companion grass for Red Clover combining high yields and very fast regrowth with good forage quality and excellent stress tolerance.

High sugar content of the Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass provides the ideal balance for Red Clover and ensures sufficient sugars for silage fermentation.

Hybrid Ryegrass and Red Clover with their aggressive growth and 3 – 4 year lifespan are the ideal companions in an intensive cutting mix. 3.0 Solid Hybrid Tetraploid 2.5 Tetragraze Hybird Tetraploid 2.5 Bahial Hybrid Tetraploid 2.5 Perun Advanced Italian 3.5 Amos Red Clover 14.0kg

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Weight20 kg