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Downland Grassmax Dual Purpose Seed 20kg

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For overseeding fields that will be both cut and grazed. 100% Tetraploid grasses which are ideal for overseeding as they have the largest seeds and are aggressive establishers.

High sugar content for rapid silage fermentation and excellent grazing palatability.

Based entirely on Perennial Ryegrass varieties with the highest yields under both cutting and grazing on UK Recommended Lists.

Superb spring growth for grazing and / or first cut silage yields. 10 % Downland Dual Purpose Clover Blend included to boost clover levels in existing swards.

Clover varieties specially selected for production and persistency in swards that will be both cut and grazed including Avoca simply the best white clover variety available today. 1.0 Storm Hybrid Tetraploid 2.0 Solid Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 3.0 Calibra Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 3.0 Glencar Late Perennial Tetraploid 1.0 Downland Dual Purpose Clover Blend White Clover 10.0kg

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Weight11 kg