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Deltanil Pour On 2.5l Jerry Can



Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin
Award winning, innovative Farmpack allows for free movement when dosing for easy product administration
Zero days milk withdrawal period in cattle and sheep
Proven stability for 2 years after first opening
Deltanil is a topical application deltamethrin based dose with a zero day withdrawal period in cattle and sheep.

It treats and controls flies and lice in cattle and tackles ticks, lice, keds and blowfly strike in sheep.
It also treats lice and ticks in lambs. Deltanil is administered via an innovative dispensing system called the Farmpack which is a light, robust backpack and the Flexibag, a multi-component bag, giving freedom of movement for the farmer and the flexibility of a long stability period.
Product stored in the Flexibag has a unique two-year proven stability period after opening. Deltanil also offers a convenient approach to dosage at 10ml per cow, 5ml per sheep and 2.5ml per lamb.

Available in 2.5L Flexibag pouch.

In cattle the meat and offal withdrawal is only 17 days whilst there is no milk withdrawal.
In sheep the meat and offal withdrawal is 35 days and again there is no milk witdrawal.
Minimise run-off by applying Deltanil along the mid line of the back at the shoulder level.
Connect an appropriate dosing gun to the FlexiBag as follows. Backpack set up 1 to 4.
Connect one side of the tube to the coupling E-lock system draw-off and the other side to the dosing gun. 5 and 6.
Plug the E-lock coupling system to the FlexiBag.

Gently prime the dosing gun, checking before use that all connections are tight.

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