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Concrete Water Trough 680L / 150G

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150 GALLON or 680 LITRES
Length – 1820mm
Width – 920mm
Depth – 610mm
Weight – 760Kg

Features & Benefits include:-
CURVED PROFILE – All troughs are inclusive of rounded corners both internally and externally including the base. This feature strengthens the trough as well as making it safer for the livestock.
BUNG – Each trough includes a 49mm rubber bung which is positioned on the side wall of the trough. This feature allows the trough to be drained during the winter months.
BALLCOCKS – Included in the price is a ballcock which should be mounted onto a plate to be fixed to the side of the trough.
WATER PIPE RECESS – This trough has a recess on the top rim which allows the water pipe to be pulled closer to the trough, providing a higher level of protection

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Weight800 kg