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Downland Blitz Disinfectant 20L


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At lambing use at 1 part in 250 parts of water or 1 in 125 in serious conditions with high risk (4 or 8ml per litre of clean water).

Treat all surfaces in the lambing area. It is safe to re-stock immediately or to spray round ewes and lambs.Re-spray pens between lambings.

Use BLITZ at 1 part in 250 to disinfect teats and bottles; drain but do not rinse. Add 1ml per litre to bottled milk, to kill bacteria and aid digestion

Disinfect sheds for crops one part BLITZ in 125 parts water. Aim to achieve good, even coverage by long consistent strokes of the pressure washer set at low pressure, or a sprayer calibrated to achieve good coverage but avoiding excessive run-off. Approximately 0.25L of solution will be needed per square metre, which is 2L of concentrate per 1000square metres, or about 5L of solution for a one tonne box, inside and out.

That is 40ml of BLITZ concentrate. Pre-cleaneed boxes, free of organic soiling, may be sprayed at one part BLITZ in 200 parts water.

BLITZ has a very broad spectrum dealing effectively with bacteria, viruses and fungal organisms, including: Botrytis, Didymella, Erwinia, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Verticillium etc.