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Biolink Diatom Powder 2kg


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100% natural powder for internal and external parasite control and general good health Uses Red Mite Control Natural wormer Increases digestibility of the feed. Mode of Action Diatom is derived from diatomaceous earth by a special process, is highly micronised and consists of specific amorphous silica (silicon dioxide) which has abrasive and absorptive effects due to its physical properties. The extremely fine silica dust adheres to the joints of arthropods fissures and causes reduced activity and mobility and loss of health. The product cuts the external skin layers of ectoparasites and the sclerotized wax layer of insects resulting in desiccation and eventual death. Owing to its special mode of action, development of resistance can be disregarded. As soon as insect pests leave their shelter they come in contact with the silica dust, contaminate their body surface and gradually dessicate. The positive effect on the poultry can be easily identified by a reduction in restlessness and an increased up-take of feed, in areas where the target insects were a problem. Application Clean out old bedding and dust thoroughly in cracks and crevices & insect runs. Leave powder undisturbed and re-treat as necessary. Diatom can be suspended in water using a standard pressure washer (remove pressure washer filters before use as diatom is suspended, not dissolved in water) or fogging machine. As the solution dries diatom will appear as a white dust on all treated surfaces. Wet application of diatom should only be carried out when the housings are unoccupied. Spray all joints in woodwork and roofs with Poultry Shield once per week (diluted 1 part Poultry Shield to 9 parts water). Pay particular attention to nesting boxes and roosts. Sprinkle Diatom powder (at 50 gms per square metre) in the nesting boxes and dusting areas weekly.

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