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Albacert SC 2.5% 10L

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Albacert is a pale green free flowing suspension aimed to treat parasites such as roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver fluke for cattle and sheep. Albacert can also be used against fluke and roundworm eggs. Each ml Albacert contains 25mg Albendazole Ph. Eur. It also contains trace elements of selenium and cobalt which act as nutritional supplements. Use On: Cattle and sheep Do not use on sheep producing milk for human consumption Do not dose ewes at the ‘fluke and worm dose’ (7.5mg/kg) during tupping or for 1 month after removing the rams Standard Dosage: For oral administration only using properly calibrated dosing equipment a) Worm Dose for Cattle: 7.5mg albendazole per kg bodyweight (15ml Albacert/50 kg bodyweight). b) Fluke and Worm Dose for Cattle: 10mg albendazole per kg bodyweight a) Worm Dose for Sheep: 5mg albendazole per kg bodyweight (2ml/10kg bodyweight) b) Fluke and Worm Dose for Sheep: 7.5mg albendazole per kg bodyweight Sheep over 80 kg-give a further 2 or 3ml for each additional 10 kg bodyweight

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