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Winergy Low Energy 20kg


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By remaining true to our ethos of delivering cutting edge nutrition to the individual horse, we have improved our knowledge of the requirements of horses working at a lower level, whether this is a leisure horse, family pet or competition horse in early stages of training. Extensive trials with all types of horse and pony with a lower energy requirement here in the UK have proven that WINERGY Equilibrium Low Energy horse feed provides the following outstanding benefits: Maximises digestive health Promotes positive behaviour Is proven to produce a low glycaemic response Is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis By reducing the reliance on cereal starch and sugar as an energy source and instead providing energy from a unique blend of fibre and oil we are able to avoid unnatural peaks and troughs in blood sugar known as a glycaemic response. This response to the levels of starch and sugar found in traditional compound feed has been linked to excitable behaviour and other worrying conditions such as laminitis, Cushing’s disease, insulin resistance and DOD’s. The unique blend of specially selected fibres and precise level of oil in WINERGY Equilibrium Low Energy extends eating time, encourages butyrate production and delivers balanced hind gut fermentation – maximising digestive health.

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