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Winergy High Energy 20kg


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For the past fourteen years we have been working faithfully with vets, trainers, scientists and nutritionists in leading institutes around the world with the sole aim of developing our knowledge of feeding horses with a high energy requirement. WINERGY Equilibrium High Energy has been proven in trials here in the UK to be the only horse feed able to provide the following outstanding health and performance benefits: Maximise digestive health Delay the onset of fatigue Help maintain hydration Support muscle health he traditional source of energy for performance horses or those with a high energy requirement are typically high in cereal starch and sugar. This has been known to contribute to several metabolic conditions such as gastric ulcers, colic and tying up, often seen in horses working at an elite level. By supplying energy from a specific blend of fibres with a precise inclusion of oil and controlled levels of starch, we are able to maximise the aerobic capacity of the muscles via the utilisation of fatty acids from this dietary fibre and oil – ultimately delaying the onset of fatigue. The specific blend of fibres in WINERGY Equilibrium High Energy have been proven to extend eating time, slow gastric emptying and deliver balanced hind gut fermentation – maximising digestive health. These relatively low levels of starch combined with a powerful antioxidant profile provide an excellent support structure for muscle health.

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