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TopSpec Linseed Mash 20kg


VAT Exempt

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Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and volumising their feed.

Linseed Mash combines the best of traditional knowledge with modern technology. Rich in linseed and oatbran this mash contains just 12% starch yet the scattering of flaked maize and flaked peas lends a mix-like appearance to this irresistible mash.

Linseed Mash is a blend of conditioning ingredients, with an emphasis on linseed providing substantial levels of intracellular oil and protein and including the all-important muco-polysaccharides. Oatbran provides good levels of super-fibres and has been proven to be sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system. Feeding this mash with an appropriate TopSpec Feed Balancer or supplement will result in horses glistening with health.

Linseed Mash soaks quickly in 5 minutes.

Linseed Mash is designed to be fed with any TopSpec Feed Balancer or an appropriate TopSpec supplement as it does not contain any added vitamins or trace-elements. It is supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium.

TopSpec Linseed Mash should be soaked in cool or warm water for 5 minutes prior to feeding, with equal parts of dry mash to water.

Product Features

  • As a conditioning feed for horses that need to gain weight yet a mash is required.
  • As a very palatable source of oil, rich in Omega 3’s.
  • As an oil rich feed which helps to promote condition and a fantastic shiny coat.
  • As a useful soaked feed to help keep horses hydrated when stabled, away and/or after hard work.
  • As a soft easy to eat, conditioning mash for horses with dental problems.

As a coat-improver; this effect increases when fed with a high-biotin TopSpec Feed Balancer or Supplement


Typical Nutritional Analysis:

  • Oil %9.0
  • Protein %15.5
  • Fibre %16.0
  • DE MJ/kg13.0
  • Starch %12.0
  • Ca %1.0
  • Mg %0.4


Additional information

Weight20 kg