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Te Pari High Wind Scissor Action Tail Docker


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Te Pari High Wind Scissor Action Tail Docker

The LPG fired, scissor-action Docking Iron has been extensively field-tested and proven to be fast, easy to use and reliable.

The large copper searing head ensures excellent heat retention helping minimise blood losses and ensuring quicker healing.

The High Wind Model features a larger jet and burner for use in cold weather or exposed locations.


  • Reduces dag formation and thus minimises susceptibility to fly-strike
  • Improves external parasite control
  • Improves the efficiency of dagging, crutching and shearing
  • Allows for management flexibility to finish lambs under variable weather conditions
  • Improves the cleanliness of the wool
  • Reduces handling required pre-slaughter for crutching/dagging
  • Reduces faecal contamination and risks to food safety at livestock processing plant


The wedge-shaped iron blade heated by gas, is used to both cut and cauterise the tail in one operation. The lamb is held in an inverted position by a cradle or chute. To avoid infections, do not dock wet lambs or in wet weather. Leave enough dock on the lamb to fully cover the vulva.

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