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Suregrow Paddock Fertiliser 20kg


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Consistent Growth Suregrow avoids lush growth & associated health problems through content of slow release nitrogen. Enriched grass Suregrow produces nutrients in the grass essential for the well being of horses. Sustained growth Suregrow lengthens the growing period of the grass providing more standing forage Resilient roots Suregrow stimulates root development & strength ensuring quick recovery of damaged areas of turf. No upheaval Movement of stock during application not normally required. Nitrogen balanced Nitrogen balanced with phased release over the growth season to give steady growth. Topping Topping pastures is the easiest way to remove weeds before they seed and it will also tidy up those ungrazed areas of long grass that horses tend to leave. Applying fertiliser after topping is always a good idea. Topping by cutting or mowing will help give a durable grass sward – this in itself is a most effective barrier to weeds. Always a good idea before topping to take time to walk around your pasture and dig out and burn all the ragwort you find, along with any other poisonous weeds. Weed control Keeping out unwanted weeds is not so hard. Spray with a selective herbicide using a paddock maintenance contractor or your own knapsack spray. Always take professional advice. Some weeds can be annual so when they have been cut or grazed they will not return, provided that they are cut or grazed before they head to seed. If possible keep your pastures with a thick sward when well grazed or patchy weeds will invade more easily. Use Suregrow at the start and end of the season to maintain a thick sward. If you have a greener view a useful tool is a pasture knife which with a regular walk around your pasture will give good control of nettles and thistles. (better suited to smaller areas). Ragwort is best dug out and burned, do not leave any roots. Harrowing Harrowing is only needed if you have an older sward or on thick deep swards. Harrowing will pull out dead grass and aerate the remaining sward. Rolling This is for appearances, stone dispersal and water damage repair. Rolling should take place immediately after rainfall. Ground conditions should be such that tractor wheels should just leave a mark which will then be removed by the roller.

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