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Woodlets Horse Bedding ( Stovies )


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Woodlets are low carbon, 6 mm premium quality wood pellets manufactured by LandEnergy in their own production plant in Girvan, Scotland from softwood sourced from nearby sustainable forestry.

Woodlets are 100% derived from virgin soft wood with no additives.

Pellets expand when soaked with water to create firm, absorbent bedding for horses.

With increased absorbency a drier cleaner stall will improve hoof condition by reducing exposure to ammonia and moisture.

  • The pellets provide a firm bed that is dense and cushions the horse reducing hock and heel sores.
  • Pellet litter will pick up fast, so it will much reduce the time it takes you to clean your stalls.
  • We understand the welfare of your horse is paramount when considering any new product.
  • Dust is minimal. The pellets have been heated to high temperatures to help remove possible allergens thus making it entirely safe for your horse.

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