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Spillers Speedy Mash 20kg


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What is it?…… For the last two years here at SPILLERS HQ we have been busily working away on an exciting new product which we hope you and your horse will love as much as we do!

SPILLERS SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is a new super-fast soaking sugar beet fibre blend for all horses and ponies with an irresistible apple aroma and to top all that it soaks in less than 60 seconds too!

SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is high in fibre, low in starch and molasses and cereal free. It contains a full range of vitamins and minerals and prebiotic FOS and probiotic live yeast for digestive health.

SPEEDY-MASH Fibre also contains quality protein to help maintain topline and muscle tone, ideal for those on restricted calorie rations. Who is it for? Everyone!! Seriously,

SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is ideal for all horses and ponies due to its gut-friendly formula, whether you have laminitic pony, an elderly horse with poor teeth, a chubby cob or a performance horse that is a shy forage feeder

SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is ideal. It’s highly versatile and totally up to you how you feed it to meet your individual horse or pony’s needs. It can be used as the full bucket feed, an addition like you would feed sugar beet or as a complete replacement for forage if you have a senior that can no longer manage any stemmed fibre.

SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is so easy to prepare you can do it in your sleep! Just take 1 part SPEEDY-MASH Fibre add 1 ½ parts water, stir and wait 60 seconds – mission accomplished!

Don’t just take our word for it… SPEEDY-MASH Fibre has undergone extensive horse owner trials and it seems that horses and ponies can’t get enough of it.

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