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Sneyds Wonderdog Gold 15kg


VAT Exempt

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A complete dog food for working dogs enriched with Weetsweet which enhances the taste and the textures of the food and is a highly digestible form of glucose which can be useful throughout your dogs life cycle. The glucose that Weetsweet provides gives instant energy which will build up glycogen in your dogs muscles which will aid the conversion of stored fat to energy. Also contains cod liver oil. Specially Formulated for Working Dogs Most dogs love the great taste of Wonderdog however some pets, like people, are creatures of habit. A familiar smell or taste may be hard to give up. We recommend gradually introducing the new diet over a 5-10 day period slowly increasing the proportion until the new food is the only one fed. Protein – 22% Vitamin A – 12,000 iu/kg Oil – 7% Vitamin D – 1,500 iu/kg Fibre – 4% Vitamin E – 42 iu/kg Ash – 6.5% DUST FREE – A crunchy texture and avoiding waste. COMPLETE BALANCED DIETS – For health and vitality. HIGHLY PALATABLE – With real meat. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS HIGH OIL CONTENT – For a shiny coat.

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Weight15 kg