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Skinners Field & Trial Salmon With Steamed Veg 390g


VAT Exempt

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Brilliant nutrition to support dogs in light work. It’s grain-free to help with sensitive digestion.

Our eco-friendly, compact cartons contain 390g of wet food – the same amount as a standard size can, tray or pouch! They help us reduce our plastic waste and our carbon footprint. Plus, they keep our foods fresher for longer..

Feed just as it is, or as a topper for our dry food.

Salmon 42%, White fish 18%, Carrot 3.5%, Potato 3.5%, Parsnip 3%

Crude protein 10%, Crude fat 5%, Crude fibres, 1.5%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 74%

Q.Which types of dog is this food suitable for?

  • Active dogs requiring a moderate source of dietary fat and protein. Lightly cooked and easy to digest, so ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Suitable for dogs with intolerances to grains.
  • Paletable and easy to digest so can be suited to convalescing dogs.
  • Dogs who are fussy eaters.

Q.Why should you choose Salmon with Steamed Veg for your dog?

  • Made with salmon and white fish to provide a source of omega-3 fatty acids for coat, skin, cognitive, heart and eye health.
  • Steamed veg provide a source of digestible carbohydrates for energy.
  • A highly paletable diet.
  • Made to a grain free formulation.
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced, so can be fed alone or as a “topper” for kibble.

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