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Silage Sheet 4M x 25M

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Visqueen Agrisheet is manufactured using the finest raw materials and this, along with decades of technical expertise, makes Visqueen Agrisheet a far stronger sheet. When sheeting down the clamp, cheaper silage sheets are often damaged in the process. The high strength and impact features of Visqueen Agrisheet help prevent this happening due to the improved tear resistance. Even if it is punctured, the superior tear strength of Visqueen Agrisheet helps prevent splitting any further along the rip. Being a significantly stronger product makes Visqueen Agrisheet easier to use and longer lasting thereby saving money. Visqueen Agrisheet is lighter than conventional sheeting and therefore easier to handle. Its lighter weight also gives it the added environmental advantage of being easier to dispose of. Weather resistance With increased resistance to weathering, Visqueen Agrisheet protects against all weather conditions. UV inhibitors provide full protection from sunlight during period of use. ADAS tested Visqueen Agrisheet has been extensively tested at the independent ADAS consultancy as well as in farm trials to prove its superior strength characteristics.

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Weight35 kg